Hi, we’re Ed and Mandi Cameron!

We’re married, completely in love and passionate about money, marriage and manifesting a life sooo good it’s a total.guilty.pleasure. We know, scandalous!

We believe everything happens for a reason so it’s no accident YOU FOUND US!

Ok, the truth is, one of us believes nothing happens by chance and the other rolls his eyes but you can’t agree on everything, right?

Anyway, If financial ABUNDANCE, an AWESOME MARRIAGE annnnnd MANIFESTING a SHAMELESSLY FABULOUS LIFE YOU LOVE is important to YOU TOO you need to stick around so we can double date and stuff… ok, that’s probably not going to happen but we really would love you to stick around so we can get to know you better! We’ve got lots of juicy tips and tricks to share and we just LOVE to LAUGH so we’re great company!

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Platinum Line